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Hi everyone!

I'm a William & Mary alum (BBA in Process Management and Consulting) and an academic editor specializing in management and education. I started my editing consultancy during my junior year of college and have been running it ever since. After becoming interested in real estate, I worked on several successful home flips in Maryland, focusing primarily on capital acquisition and management.

I bought apartment #1006 in 2015, and I lived there for just over 3 years before moving to DC. I now lease out my unit as a high-end rental while living in the new Phase 1 section of the District Wharf redevelopment. It's been great living on the other side of the river! In my free time, I watch and train dogs, travel (pre-COVID), and play a little basketball (again, pre-COVID...).

I don't know many of the more 'tenured' River Place owners, so I'm excited to hopefully learn a little more about my virtual neighbors and our shared property and investment interests.

Ashley Pruett

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